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Import New Items


About Importing

ISQuote import process is completed in a 3 step process:

  1. Upload Document

  2. Import Data

  3. Process Data



Upload Document - You will prepare your Excel spreadsheet as described below then upload it into ISQuote.  This process takes your file and places in a special folder in the program for retrieval and importing.


  1. Import Data - After you make your selections on the import screen you will import the sheet you uploaded.  This brings the data over for you to preview. No changes have been made to your database yet.


  3. Process Data - Once you have previewed your imported data you will then process & update your database.

Import New Items

Importing new items is quick and easy in ISQuote but there are a few parameters:

Items must be in Excel format.  (You cannot import from .PDF or Word documents.)
The Excel sheet must be properly formatted  with the proper column headings.

The Excel sheet MUST contain these columns:  (See Excel Sheet Mapping for acceptable column headers)

  • MFG

  • Part Number

  • Description

  • List Price

    Optional headings include:


  • SpecSheet

  • Spec Sheet Label

  • Info Sheet

  • Info Sheet Label

  • Weight

  • Item Category

  • ItemType

  • UPC Code

  • Unit Surcharge

  • Unit of Measure

  • Item Notes

  • FN1

  • FN2

  • FN3

  • FN4

  • Active

  • PF (Price Flag)

  • Box Qty

  • Box Qty Req

  • Case Qty

  • Case Qty Req

  • Pallet Qty

  • Pallet Qty Req

  • Image File Name

  • Freight Class

  • Series

  • Series Description



1.  Prepare and save your Excel file

2.  Click Imports on the left column of the home page.

At the top of the page you will see NEW IMPORT:


Select “NEW ITEMS" from the drop down and give your import a description such as ABC New Items 2017.

Click the orange Save button.  You will now be directed to the Import page.


Step 1 – Upload File

Click > Choose File - Navigate to your file.  Click > Upload


Step 2 – Select Import File

Select your file from the drop down field.  (It should be the first one in the list)


Step 3: Required Fields

Complete the required fields:

Manufacturer:  Select Mfg from list
Item Category:  Select a default Item Category.  If an item is not assigned an Item Category in your excel sheet, it will default to your selection here.
Item Type:  Select a default Item Type.  If an item is not assigned an Item Type in your excel sheet, it will default to your selection here.

Step 4 - Begin Import

Note:  During this step the data is being pulled from the sheet into the import screen.  Your data has NOT been modified yet.  Once the data has been pulled from the sheet you will have the opportunity to verify and preview the data before you finalize any changes to your database.

Click > Import Data 

Note:  It may take several minutes for your data to come in depending on the number of items. (Note:  You will know that the system is working by the colored bubbles moving at the bottom of the screen.) Do NOT click any other buttons during the import.   A time stamp will appear when complete:


Step 5 - Review the Results - Verifying Your Data

Review the import statistics.  This panel will show you the following information:

Total Records Imported
Projected Update / Add Failures
Projects Records with No Change
Excel Column Mapping

At the bottom of the page you can review the actual data lines.  You may also filter on the Import Status by using the available drop down.
Verify that all columns have been mapped properly and your data is appearing correctly.



If total records imported is zero, check the following:

Is there a mismatch between the Import Mfg and Mfg in your spreadsheet?  (These must match exactly)
Is there data in the part number column?  (All lines - No blanks allowed)

If you find any errors correct your Excel sheet and begin again starting at Step 1 above. (Upload Excel sheet)

If there are any “Failed” imports, look at the “Reason for Failure”.  Once determined make corrections to ISQuote and/or your original spread sheet.  IE: Item Type not on file, etc. and go back to step 1.

Step 6 - Complete the Import - Process/Update

Note:  Once you complete the import Process/Update there is no undo.  You are making the final changes to your database!

After you have verified your data continue to Process/Update.  Once again Do NOT click any other buttons during this update.  

This may take several minutes depending on the size of your spreadsheet.



Once the import has completed, you will get a time stamp. Your new items have now been loaded!


Click Update Complete...Click here to Exit


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