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ISQuote Version Updates

RELEASE Version 7.2.15a - February 24, 2020

Copy Quote -  Quote Series with Options were not picking up Customer new Discounts when “Copy Quote Pricing” option was not selected.  Fixed to pick up Discount based on selected Customer Pricing.

Import Net Prices - Modified net Option Import to set Change Date even if price or discount did not change. Also set the update source to “VI” for verified by import.

Send Quote - Increased length of Quote Contact Name field from 30 to 80 characters. It is now the same length as Contact Name on Contact Record.

Send Quote - Fixed bug where Option Heading was not displayed when Base Option Code was blank and list price was 0.

Sign In Page - Change position of “What’s new in Version.” link on Sign In page to enhance visibility.

Reports - Correct time stamp on all reports to reflect client's time zone.

RELEASE Version 7.2.15 - February 10, 2020

Below is a recap of modifications, program updates and new reports added to this version.  To read the full documentation click the Help link at the bottom of any page within ISQuote.


Many changes were made in the background that are not visible to the end user to increase speed and enhance user experience.  Additionally we strive for "bug free" software and do extensive testing before a release is published.  However, should you experience any issues please reach out to us!

New Reports Added:

Quoted Competitive Item Report- This new report can be found on the Quote page header. Export directly to Excel format.
Job by Salesperson Reports - Reports can be found on the Job page header.  Export directly to Excel format.


Changes made to main Quote view page:

  1. Quote line preview limited to 3 lines - Click for more added to view additional quotes.

  2. Distribution list preview limited to 3 lines - Click for more added to view additional quote distribution records.

  3. Modified "Value" field to accept whole numbers only - Value is based on Quote Total

Changes made to main Job view page:

Modified "Value" field to accept whole numbers only - Value is base on Est. Job Value Field

Changes made to Copy Quote

Price Panel

Updated column header terminology to Quote List Price, System List and New List Price

Updated color coding to indicate changes 

Internal Notes
Internal notes are copied over to copied quote.

Changes made to Import Net Pricing Panel
Updated color coding on import net prices

Changes made to main Quote Details view page:

  1. Competitive Mfg and Comp Item were added to list.

  2. Competitive Mfg Filter was added.

  3. Part Filter only loads when a Mfg is selected.

  4. If there are more than 100,000 Quote Details Records user must select one of the following filters: "Mfg, Company or Comp Mfg".

Changes made to Quick Quote Mobile Version

Unit of measure added to Quick Quote - selection box - unit of measure will now be displayed under quantity.


Changes made to Excel versions of quotes

  1. New quote excel formats - Form List Price w/Nets w/Weight

  2. Mfg Part Number added to excel version of quotes

  3. Check box added to Excel generated quotes to include footer

Changes made to User profile

Duplicate email address are no longer allowed when changing or adding new users.