ISQuote 7.4

Below is a recap of modifications and program updates in ISQuote Version 7.4.  


Many changes are made in the background that are not visible to the end user.  Some of these changes increase speed and enhance user experience.  We strive for "bug free" software and do extensive testing before a release is published.  However, should you experience any issues please reach out to us.  Thank you for your feedback and continued support!

The ISQuote Development Team


Job Notes and NEW Customer Notes!  All notes fields have been updated to include:

  • Drag & Drop files for quick upload

  • Compact views

  • Note Types - Such as Specs & Plans, Mfg Quote, Price Sheet or create your own Note Type.  (See below)

  • All Notes can now also be assigned to a customer as well as a job

Note Types
By default the new Note Types are:

  • Job Follow Up

  • Mfg Quote

  • Price Sheet

  • Sales Call

  • Specs and Plans

To ADD new Note Types > Go to Job Category on the main menu > Select Note Type > New Note Type:

*  Contact Notes have been moved to Customer Notes

*  New Notes Tab added to Edit Customer Screen

Replaced Job Notes tab with new implementation of Notes control

Removed Customer Notes from "Add Customer" pop-up


The following changes have been made to the Edit Customer/Contact screens

Customer Screen

  • Removed visible
     customer notes

  • Added Inactive stamp

  • Added Notes Icon

  • Changed small edit icon on Contacts to reflect ContactID

  • Reorganized columns for better visibility

Edit Customer > Jobs & Quote Tab

  • Added Quote Distribution for "Jobs & Quotes" tab 

  • Reorganized columns

Edit Customer > Customer Mfg Tab

  • Added Quote Mfg and Cust Type as filters

Edit Contact

  • Removed Contact Notes

  • Added Customer ID and Link

  • Added Active Flag

Contact Page

Added Duplicate Filter to quickly identify duplicate contacts within the database. Filter on:

  • Email

  • Name

  • Email and Name

  • Email, Name & Company

Other changes:

  • Rearranged columns for better visibility

  • Added Inactive Stamp

  • Added notes icon which redirect to EditCustomer with Contact selected

  • Changed small Edit icon for "Other Contacts" to reflect ID



Footnotes added to Kits



Ability to set Show/Print Options and Delimiters upon import

Import Detail

  • Removed Customer/Contact Notes

  • Added Search functionality to Items, Customer and Contact Imports

  • Added Excel Icon to download selected import file



  • Added Tracked by & Office Location filters to Reports

  • Search on Job Address > Job Page

  • Added Excel Quote that displays all Options and Show Options

  • Added Sort by: on Contacts page

  • Modified item type filters to reflect values of selected Mfgs on Items page

  • Added presence to ISQuote Home page

  • Added the ability to attach Job documents to Approval Letters

  • Ability to zero out list pricing via import

  • Footnotes added to Kits

  • Added Contractor and Job Notes to Job Mfg Matrix Plus Report

  • Merge item description to the same line as part number for kits

  • Set date range on Quote Details page

  • Inactive Mfgs show at the bottom of all Mfg Lists

  • Suppress Header on subsequent print quote pages


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