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So many times there are things that come up and I think "Gosh I need to write that down and share with everyone:" Then I compile all these little post-it-notes and stick them all back together for that time when I can share it. Of course I have good intentions to do a mass email or write up a document and send it out but time goes by and the urgency goes by the wayside. Then I lay in bed at night and think of "all these things" I want to share and I get up and write them l down again, bring the notes to work and put them with the rest of the notes I'm hanging on too. This does not sound like a good way to communicate! So... maybe this blog will help me. If I can just add a few words to share, you might just read them. I can then get rid of all those little post-it-notes and get a better night sleep!

ISQuote has so many features and we want to be sure our users are aware of them. So I will try to break this down into little bits and pieces. Come back from time to time and read whats new and what is coming down the pipeline. So welcome and of course, I welcome your feedback! Now let's go share some information!


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