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Time for a review

It's Summertime!

It's hard to believe that the year is almost half over and summer solstice is here. Where did the time go? It's easy to fall into our day to day tasks and time just flies on by. However, sometimes we may forget how important and valuable those tasks we have been doing can be!

If you read my post from August last year we talked about the importance of entering and recording job tracking information. If you been somewhat diligent on recording job data you will have in your hands some very valuable information.

Your manufacturers want to know what you are up to and gathering some job information out of ISQuote is very easy. Maybe now is a good time to do a short review for 2018. How many jobs have you quoted? Compare that to last year. If you have been recording won/loss, find out where you stand by running a few reports.

Did you know you can run a report to see every quote line? Sort that on part number to see exactly what is being quoted most often. Maybe you have been missing out on a few things who knows?

If you are fairly new to ISQuote or a long time user and want to know more about reviewing your job and quote history, just reach out to us. You may find that there is more in your database than you think! Happy Summer!


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