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ISQuote will organize your Job Tracking & Quoting information into one dynamic program.  ISQuote consolidates quoting procedures, quote and job documents, notes, contacts and more.  Save valuable time, no random searching for information or documents!  ISQuote will give your team access to job and quote information in and out of the office.

Why do so many reps rely on ISQuote?

Here's Why

Manufacturers’ Representatives have unique requirements when it comes to job tracking and quoting.  We understand your industry and the relationships it takes to close and win a project.

What you want to do...

You are making sales calls to architects, engineers, builders, contractors and wholesalers. You scour construction database sites for projects, read plans and quote your products.  You are probably doing a pretty good job otherwise your Mfg’s wouldn’t keep you for another 30 days. This is hard work and takes time, energy, organizational skills and money.  You want to accomplish this as quickly and accurately as possible. 

ISQuote for large projects.
ISQuote Mobile Access

What ISQuote can do for you...

What if you could save double or triple the amount of time it takes to create quotes, foresee what products the specifier may use next time? What if you could go back in time and see every project, every quote that you won or lost by manufacturer? What if you could put job information in the hands of your sales team with easy access no matter where they are located?  This can be achieved with ISQuote Software.

"ISQuote has changed how we do business.  The payback on the software was immediate"  


How we do it...

First we understand your industry -  Since the inception of ISQuote Interep Systems has  focused on making the best software for the mfg rep to quote and track jobs.  Many of the elements added at each release has come from our user’s feedback. We carefully listen to what works best for the rep, evaluate their suggestions and take it to the next level.  This is why ISQuote is the best option for manufacturers’ representatives!

ISQuote support team
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Why we do it...

Generating a quote can be a very time consuming task.  Many reps use a “home grown” system typically written in Microsoft® Word, Excel or Access.  Maintaining the database in itself can be a daunting task. Your customers likely require you to supply specification sheets which results in browsing through manuals, websites and sending documents.

Keeping track of published quotes can be time consuming and confusing as they are typically recorded in yet another document or simply stored in a users sent email box. Hard copies of quotes are printed and kept in another file, original specs for the project are stored elsewhere which makes finding information a project in itself!

If this process seems all too familiar – consider ISQuote.  With ISQuote ALL related documents, quote distribution records, spec sheets and databases are centrally located allowing your associates to find what they are looking for in seconds.  Our users agree that they are saving valuable time and has increased their close rates resulting in more sales!

Our software makes your job easier


The ISQuote team is always working to bring users the best features available.  As the industry changes so does ISQuote - ISQUOTE is an ongoing  collaborative effort by those who know the process best, it’s  users. We continue to welcome  input which is why ISQuote has become the preferred Job Quoting Software for manufacturers’ representatives throughout the United States. Your success is our success!

Job Tracking

Job Tracking

Track job progress from beginning to end.

Record job contacts including architect, engineer, and contractors.  Upload and store job-related documents such as plans, mfg quotes and notes.

ISQuote Printed Quote

Job Quotes

Presentation of your quotes Matter!

Improve brand awareness and close more jobs by creating accurate professional quotes.  Include spec links and item images to your quotes.

ISQuote Mobile Access

Mobile Access

Put the information in your sales team hands.

Access ISQuote from any internet connection including all mobile devices. Giving them the ability to update information while on the road.

With the construction market on the move, it’s important to get your products specified, actively track and quote projects. ISQuote is the tool that will help you get there!

Interep Systems’ ISQuote software provided a quantum leap forward in our approach to bid/spec work.  It’s fast, accurate, efficient and the specification link feature has been extremely well received by our customers. The embedded email copy option provides immediate updating to our outside sales personnel.

RKR, Mfg Rep - Denver, CO

After 35 years working as a Manufacturer’s Representative, focusing on commercial bid/spec work, I have finally found a product that offers all the tools required for fast and accurate commercial quotations.

HBA Reps - Portland, OR

We needed a quotation system that integrates all of our product lines in one centralized location, and allows us to track and monitor projects. Not only does ISQuote perform both of those functions very well, it is easy to learn and our customers love the professional-looking quotes we produce.

H&K Sales, LLC - Kent, WA


ISQuote has changed how we do business.  The payback on the software was immediate. We no longer need to spend months getting a person to understand the product to enter a quote!

Campbell Equipment, Cleveland, OH

Thanks to ISQuote, we are able to produce our quotes faster and are able to track them and find them quickly.  We highly recommend ISQuote for any sales organization looking to take their quoting to the next level.  Professional quotes with ease of tracking throughout the whole quote process.

AH Deveney - Baton Rouge, LA

My associates love the simplicity of the software and the function ability, as well as getting to the software from anywhere.  We have improved our close rate immensely with the new software and easily track jobs based on territory and by salesmen.  I would highly recommend the ISQuote Software and the support that comes with it to any Rep that wants to grow their business.

ROI Marketing, Warmister, PA

ISQuote Login Screen

Our Company

Interep Systems has been developing software for the manufacturer's representative for over 30 years.  We understand your industry which is why ISQuote is the leading Job Tracking & Quoting software in the country!

ISQuote is easy to use!

"A user interface is like a joke.  If you have to explain it, it's not that good."


For more information or to request a demo of ISQuote Job Quoting & Tracking Software please give us a call or email us!


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