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Job Quoting & Tracking Software

Quote projects.  Track projects.  WIN projects.

Over 28 million quotes delivered!

Affordable Software designed for the Manufacturers' Representative.
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Why do so many reps rely on ISQuote?

Manufacturers' Representatives have unique requirements when it comes to job tracking and quoting. We have a deep understanding of your industry and the relationships required to successfully close and win projects. With over 30 years of experience working with manufacturers' representatives, ISQuote has established itself as the preferred software for job quoting and tracking.

Job Tracking

Track jobs and their progress from start to finish.

Engineering Approval Letters

Generate Approval Letters Automatically to send to the engineer

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Pricing Control

Extensive cascading pricing rules based on manufacturer, customer and territory and more.

Broadcast Quotes

Use predefined lists to broadcast quotes. 

Advanced Reporting

Generate reports by project, won/loss, quoted items, job contacts, customers, KPI's and more.


As the industry evolves, so does ISQuote. It is an ongoing collaborative effort by its users, those who are intimately familiar with the process. We value and welcome input from our users, which is why ISQuote has earned its reputation as the preferred Job Quoting Software for manufacturers' representatives across North America.

Let ISQuote get you there!

ISQuote offers a dynamic interface that organizes your job tracking and quoting information in one centralized platform. It streamlines and consolidates quoting procedures, quote and job documents, notes, contacts, and more. With ISQuote, your team will have seamless access to job and quote information, whether they are in the office or on the go.


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What our customers say...


Hugh M. Cunningham Companies

ISQuote offers maximum functionality and it is very user friendly.  It's a staple in our quotation operation and a great investment.  Our customers' expectations sometime require us to perform diverse processes to deliver a quotation. ISQuote's functionality and design allows us to meet those demands in a timely fashion.  ISQuote saves us so much time where we can focus on other important tasks.


The Joyce Agency

We have really enjoyed working with the Interep Systems team and using the ISQuote platform for the past 9 1/2 years. We have to date, entered over 17,000 jobs and 43,000 quotes! We love the user friendly interface and ease of job/data entry.  Interep’s customer service is top notch! Everyone is always friendly and eager to help you find a solution that will work best for your organization. They do a great job of training and have wonderful technical support staff to help troubleshoot anything that comes up.


Jim Bryce & Associates

Having used several different quote programs, ISQuote is by far the best we have tried. Immediately it reduced the amount of time it took to produce a quote.  That time has continued to improve the more it is used due to the memory ISQuote has for cross referenced products.  Not only have we saved time, but we are producing a better product.  Our quotes go out to customers with links to spec sheets and O&M’s saving them time as well. I could not be happier with the decision to switch.


Preferred Sales, Inc

I have been an adoring ISQuote user for more than 5 years now, and Preferred Sales has been bidding commercial work through ISQuote for over a decade. This service gives us an easily accessible place to store all job information and keep us organized across various job titles. Processing job quotations is a breeze and allows for customization, which is not offered by many other programs. Bids are presented to customers clearly, and the formatting options allow us to meet our customers' ever-changing needs with a few clicks.


With over 30 years of experience, Interep Systems has been dedicated to developing software specifically for manufacturers' representatives. Our deep understanding of the industry is what makes ISQuote the leading Job Tracking & Quoting software in the country!

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