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About Us

Interep Systems has been developing software for the manufacturer's representative for over 30 years.  We understand the industry which is why ISQuote is the leading Job Tracking & Quoting software in the United States.

Our Story

Founder and President Daniel Burke sets the company’s overall strategic direction, finds great people and supports their ability to design and develop superior solutions like the ISQuote Job Quoting & Tracking Software.  Since the late 1980s, Interep Systems has been designing and developing software specifically for manufacturers’ representatives. Its hands-on owners understand how manufacturers’ reps work and the challenges they face while quoting multiple product lines. 

ISQuote was developed specifically for manufacturer's representative.  17 years ago many of our current customers came to us asking if we could write a program that would assist them in their daily quoting activities.  We answered their call, and with each new rep that came on board, more and more ideas came flowing in.  From across North America, reps contributed their experiences, ideas and needs.  As the industry changed and responsibilities grew for the rep, ISQuote grew as well by adding more features to help lessen the load.  

Manufacturers demand more information from you today than ever - ISQuote can organize your Job Quoting & Job Tracking information saving you countless hours of report writing.  Today ISQuote continues to build upon the most robust Job Quoting & Tracking software for manufacturers' representatives.  Let us help take you there!




Just a few of our very successful reps


We Understand Your Industry

Manufacturers’ Representatives have unique requirements when it comes to job tracking and quoting.  We understand your industry and the relationships it takes to close and win a project.  You are making sales calls to architects, engineers, builders, contractors and wholesalers.  You scour construction database sites for projects, read plans and quote your products.  You are probably doing a pretty good job, otherwise your manufacturers wouldn’t keep you for another 30 days.  This is hard work and takes time and energy.  What if you could save double or triple the amount of time it takes to track projects and create quotes, foresee what products the specifier may use next time?  What if you could put job information in the hands of your sales team with easy access no matter where they are?  This can all be achieved with ISQuote Job Tracking & Quoting Software.

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