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Interep Systems has been developing software for the manufacturer's representative for over 30 years.  We understand your industry which is why ISQuote is the leading Job Tracking & Quoting software in the country!

Daniel Burke - President

Daniel leads the company and sets the focus of software development.  He loves his dog and computer the most!  Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

Kim Burke - Sales Team Leader

Kim and her team sets the pace for ISQuote implementation and training.  Kim's dedication to training takes her back to childhood dream of being a school teacher.  She would end a training session with an exam if we would let her! 

Matt Wilson - Program Engineering

Matt is the ISQuote program guru - Matt can do handstands and run database scripts at the same time.  He is so good - all he has to do is think the code and it appears on the screen!

Patrick Hicks - Support Team Lead

When it comes to making things work - Patrick's team has super secret powers that can clean up anyone's mess!  His knowledge of making things work is magical.

Lisa Rosenbloom - Database Support

Lisa is the ISQuote Team Wiz when it comes to ISQuote data management. There's no place like

Percy Olive - UPS Delivery Greeter

Percy Olive's official duties include greeting Jake the UPS Delivery man and sleeping in Kim's chair.

Lucy Pickle - Trainee

Lucy Pickle joined Interep Systems in April of 2018.  Who doesn't like a puppy around?  

Daisy - Trainee

Matt's new sidekick Daisy joined us in November 2019.  She's currently staying home to master the art of potty training.

Green Monkey - Support Guide

Green Monkey leads users to the secret ISQuote portal where our support team can help users in need.

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Rep-Friendly Applications

Interep Systems software helps reps be more efficient.

Since the late 1980s, Interep Systems has been designing and developing software specifically for manufacturers’ representatives. Its hands-on owners understand how manufacturers’ reps work and the challenges they face while dealing with manufacturers and job quoting. They also specialize in developing custom applications for small businesses.

Reprint from The Wholesaler

June 2009

Founder and President Daniel Burke sets the company’s overall strategic direction, finds great people and supports their ability to design and develop superior solutions like the ISQuote Job Quoting & Tracking Software.

“The ISQuote Job Quoting & Tracking software helps you streamline the Job Tracking & Quoting process by allowing all agency staff to collectively track and follow projects and speed the process of getting your products approved and send quotes multiple customers,” Burke explained. “Since ISQuote is a web-based program that resides on our cloud based servers your team can easily access the program from any internet connections. There is no set up at all on the work stations.”

Keeping sales staff informed of project status means plenty of communication between associates. To aide in this communication, ISQuote will automatically send the assigned salesperson a copy of any quote generated in his/her territory. Additionally, salespeople can log in from the road to view project information, quote status and even create Quick Quotes on the spot.  “This is a great sales tool for your staff to present to a customer or gather additional information on current projects."

Quotes are generated with embedded specification links, “This has had to be the biggest time-saving feature we hear back from our users,” Burke noted. Additionally, quotes can be generated with images giving the customer a clear depiction of the item being quoted.”

Interep Systems tries to bear the vast majority of the work up front for its clients when it comes to set up. The biggest thing customers are responsible for is gathering all the data from their manufacturers on the product lines for the upload. Interep Systems personnel do all the work on loading data etc. This speeds up the implementation process and gets customers up and running in a very timely fashion.

Interep Systems works closely with their clients during and after implementation, and are well-known for their outstanding, personalized customer service.  “Once we bring a new client on board, our focus is to help them gather the data that they will need to use the software,” Burke described. “We want them up and running as fast as we can get them there. Implementation usually takes only a couple of days. In fact, in some cases, we can convert their data from an existing program making a very smooth transition. Making sure users understand the software’s features is very important to us. We spend as much time as necessary in training and our customers know they can call us for an update and further training anytime.

“I am proud of our efforts in customer service and feel that we perform very well. I know our users appreciate that when they need help with something, we are here to answer their questions very quickly. We  really try to get to know our customers and end users well, and always try to exceed their expectations. If we’re not hearing from our customers, we’re touching base with them. That’s what we’re here for.”

Interep Systems continues to enhance its software with each new release, and each version is tested in depth before it is made available to customers. “We don’t believe our users should have to be the ones to find programming bugs for us,” Burke explained. “As a result, we don’t do things like Beta versions and have our users be our testers. We try very hard to give them the best software we can offer from the very beginning.”

In a recent survey conducted by Microsoft of Interep’s current client base on service and software, the company’s overall score was 197/200.  With this high score and the development of the ISQuote Software, Interep Systems acquired a Microsoft Gold Partner Certification. As a Certified Partner, Interep Systems has demonstrated expertise with Microsoft technologies and a proven ability to meet customers’ needs. “The benefits provided through our Certified Partner status will allow us to continue to enhance the offerings that we provide for our customers,” Burke commented.  

All software developed today from Interep Systems is written in the latest Microsoft .NET technology.  “Staying ahead of the game in technology is a key to our success,” Burke said. “People want to be able to access software from their remote offices and do it quickly and securely — that’s what we do!”


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