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Features & Benefits

ISQuote is a dynamic program that effectively organizes your job tracking and quoting information into a centralized platform. It simplifies and consolidates quoting procedures, quote and job documents, notes, contacts, and more. With ISQuote, you can save valuable time by eliminating the need for random searching of information or documents. Additionally, ISQuote provides your team with convenient access to job and quote information, both inside and outside the office.

The Software

The ISQuote team is dedicated to continuously providing users with the best available features. As the industry evolves, so does ISQuote. It is an ongoing collaborative effort by its users, who possess the most intimate knowledge of the process. We actively encourage and welcome user input, which is why ISQuote has earned its position as the preferred Job Quoting Software for manufacturers' representatives throughout the United States and Canada. Your success is our ultimate goal and motivation.

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Track Job Progress

Job Tracking  - With ISQuote, you can easily track the progress of your jobs from beginning to end. Record essential job contacts, including architects, engineers, and contractors. You can also conveniently upload and store job-related documents, manufacturer quotes, and notes for easy access and reference.

Visualize It

Job Quoting - The presentation of your quotes is crucial! Enhance brand awareness and increase your chances of closing more jobs by creating accurate and professional quotes. You can include spec links and item images to make your quotes more informative and visually appealing.

Fast & Functional

Broadcasting - Broadcast quotes to a predefined distribution list, ensuring that all customers receive a unique file containing only the pre-approved product lines.

Eliminate Pricing Errors

Pricing Rules - ISQuote provides extensive pricing options and flexibility, allowing you to exercise control over pricing by considering various factors such as manufacturer, customer, customer type, territory, item type, and quantity. Additionally, ISQuote offers additional pricing options like cost plus pricing, group pricing, and more.


Item Database - Easily maintain product lines and pricing updates quickly and accurately with ISQuote imports.

Quick Cross Reference

X-Reference - store competitive items for easy lookup in the future. You also have the option to import an entire competitive database using the Competitive Item Import feature.

Bringing it Together

Reports - Job & Quote information is the key to winning the project. Run reports by Mfg won/loss, quoted items, job contacts and more; job history at your fingertips!

Get Your Team Involved

Mobile - ISQuote can be accessed from any internet connection, including tablets, iPads, and phones. Take advantage of the Quick Quote feature to create quotes on the fly and easily look up pricing and job information.

Working from Home


We Understand Your Industry

Manufacturers’ Representatives have unique requirements when it comes to job tracking and quoting.  We understand your industry and the relationships it takes to close and win a project.  You are making sales calls to architects, engineers, builders, contractors and wholesalers.  You scour construction database sites for projects, read plans and quote your products.  You are probably doing a pretty good job, otherwise your manufacturers wouldn’t keep you for another 30 days.  This is hard work and takes time and energy.  What if you could save double or triple the amount of time it takes to track projects and create quotes, foresee what products the specifier may use next time?  What if you could put job information in the hands of your sales team with easy access no matter where they are?  This can all be achieved with ISQuote Job Tracking & Quoting Software.

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