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How to Import:
Watts Drainage Price & 
Product Updates

This tutorial will show you how to import Watts Drainage price updates and product changes.  

Step 1 - Prepare your file

The files you download here should be pre-formatted for you, however, please be sure that the manufacturer in the files match the manufacturer ID in ISQuote.  IF the manufacturer does not match you will have to make the change in the file to match that in ISQuote.  In other words, MFGID in ISQuote must match MFG in the excel file.

These files have been sent to our company from Watts and is being shared with you here for easy access to their files.  ISQuote is not responsible for any clerical errors, please verify all data and pricing.  By downloading these files you are approving all pricing and data as is.

Step 1. - Import & Update data

Step 2. - Review and Add New Items (if any)

Step 3. - Import Options

Step 4. - Import Item Changes (Inactive items)

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