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Sort Quote Entry by Mfg

So I got a great suggestion from a user a couple of weeks ago and I thought "That's a great idea! I will add this to our New Feature Wish List!" I did my duty of making sure I recorded the suggestion so our engineers would understand what was needed only to find out, ISQuote already does this! Wow - how did I forget this feature was already added? So here we go - making sure you know about it as well!

While working in quote entry there may be times that you want to display only one mfg. Maybe you want to go back and change the pricing or multiplier or simply view all the items added for the mfg.

To view/filter your quote by mfg: Check the box shown in the image below and select the mfg from the drop down and Wa La! You are now viewing the selected mfg.

Sort Quote Entry by Mfg
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