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Add Color to Notes in ISQuote 7.0

This is a nice fun change. As you know quotes can have notes and sometimes these notes do not stand out prominently on the quote. Now you can set a color to these notes. Additionally you can add a color selection to your footnotes!

To add color to your quote notes and quote footnotes follow these steps:

(Note: You must have administrator rights to access this part of the program.)

Navigate to Office/Site Config from the main menu (If you do not see this menu item then you are not an administrator, please contact an admin in your office.)

Click on the Site Configuration Tab and then Edit icon(pencil) to edit the Site/Config record.

Expand the Print Quote Options panel. Enter your color codes in the Note Color field and the Footnote Color field. You can type in a color name or use HTML color code or entering a color name such as green/red etc.


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