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ISQuote Best Practices #1 Job/Mfg Won/Loss Tracking

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

Most reps tell us that job and quote follow up are very important to their agencies, yet many struggle to do so. Did you know that ISQuote gives you quick ways to record all job and quote information so follow up is easy!

Best Practice #1 - Record it.

Our suggestion is to identify 1 or 2 pieces of information you want to know about every job and start recording it. Is it the Mfg spec status, Engineer or Mfg Won/Loss? Maybe the total job value or job category is important to you. Whatever it is... pick it and record it for every job you do.

Best Practice #2 - Report it.

Once you start recording job information, report on it. ISQuote has many valuable reports. Share this information with your team on a weekly basis and ask for updates.

Now let's take a little trip 6 months down the road. Imagine that you have been recording your manufacturer won/loss on every job. You have kept some good notes along the way as well, identifying why you won or lost.

Feeling pretty good about having all this information you open an email from your manufacturer and get the "What have you done

for me lately?" message.

This, my friend, does not stress you as you now know you are just a few clicks away from running a full report on every job for your manufacturer. In fact, since you analyzed your data early on and identified your short comings, you have successfully secured every job in your territory. Your manufacturer is so impressed they award you the medal for highest achievement in sales and a 50% raise! How's that for successful Job Tracking?

Okay - the only fictitious statement above is getting a raise, but we can assure you that knowing your job market will help you increase your sales!


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